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Linux Pipe Viewer – MySQL

How long does it take to backup/restore a MySQL database?

This is a common question I used to ask myself at least once a month. It would always be crunch time, and a database table needed to be copied to another server. This is an easy task when the table only has 100 rows… but of course the one in question is 12GB on disk. How do we measure this? How long will this take?

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Linux Pipe Viewer – Network speed test

How fast is your network?

So you have that new gigabit switch and think you are going to achieve 1 Gbps? We all know that you are not going to get 100% throughput due to limitations I will not go into. There could also be a 10100 patch panel involved that is not rated for gigabit… but, I digress.

I use pipe viewer and netcat to answer this question. To start you will need to install both of these programs and open an available port on the server firewall. I used tcp port 2222 in this example.

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