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Volleyball Player Efficiency Rating, Part 3: Calculations

The following tables are examples of how to record the performance stats into a spreadsheet. The hyphen represents a separation between sets. This is not required and can be omitted, but it does tend to help with data entry. It can also be helpful for extending this spreadsheet at a future date to drill down into individual set statistics.

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Volleyball Player Efficiency Rating, Part 2: Our System


The system we use at Concordia University Texas is based closely on Jim Coleman’s research and the computer system created by Rod Schall. We rate passing and digs on a (0-3) point scale to make the objective recording much easier. During pass and dig calculations the stats are adjusted to the (0-4) point scale by changing the 3’s to 4’s and the 2’s to 3’s… thus removing all 2’s. This is done to balance all skills on a 4 point scale and to enable the composite PER statistic to be valid. This is our rating system:

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Volleyball Player Efficiency Rating, Part 1: Introduction

Statistics: a formal science that applies numerical data to a group of individuals or experiments. Volleyball, like many other sports, has a severe disconnect between media stats and the actual performance level of the players in the game. As coaches we must find a way to bridge this gap if we want to effectively measure our players skills and help them stay focused to achieve their goals. Box scores alone will not give you the empirical information you need to measure the output from your players.

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